Current Projects

The following are various game and research projects I am currently working on.

The Maze

Job: Producer, Design Lead, Researcher


sustAin ouR Globe

Job: Game Designer

An educational ARG based on sustainability and new methods being used in various urban design and architectural projects around the world.

Started as an idea I had while taking a sustainable urban design class in college, which I am now working to turn in to a reality.

The Botswana Bushmen

Job: Game Designer

A boardgame I am creating to show the life of the Botswana Bushmen, the hardships they have been facing from the Botswana Government, and what the international community can do to help them.

With this game, I am heavily exploring player emotions such as guilt, anger, thankfulness, anxiety, compassion, despair, and pride; and also the idea of death as being final.

The Bring Us Home Movement at the End of WWII

Job: Researcher

After the end of WWII US troops stationed around the world staged a mutiny demanding they be sent home. Meanwhile, troop set to be delopyed out sent hundreds of letters to the white house protesting their new deployment, and soldiers families back home sent hundreds of thousands of postcards with the words “Bring ‘em home by Christmas” asking that their loved ones in the military be sent home. My Grandfather on his deathbed recounted his story to my father and his part in the mutiny while he was stationed in the Philippines, and gave my father the old military newspaper clippings he had saved. I am currently trying to find as much information on the subject as possible, along with looking for information on any soldiers involved and their family members who may have also heard a tale or two.

If you have any information on the subject, especially if you had a family member involved and in the military during that time, and wouldn’t mind telling me their story please don’t hesitate to contact me.