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Design Update III

Design-wise, things have been a bit slow lately. SCAD’s Game Developers Expo (GDX) was this weekend, and I’ve been rushing around getting my site and resume all up to snuff, finding a print shop that was not out of ink, and printing a box full of business cards. Good news is, all is updated to [...]

Design Update II

Over the past two weeks I have been mainly working on the Labyrinth of the Trickster (LoT) game, while The Botswana Bushmen was turned into my professor for my Design Patterns for game Design class. At the moment, I am simply making a small demo of LoT for my World Mythology class, and so I [...]

Design Update

Recently, I have been spending most of my time putting together a prototype for The Botswana Bushmen Boardgame. I put together two playtests over the past week, testing player numbers and gameplay. The first playtest occured on wednesday, January 28, 2009 at 4-5pm, and was played by three people total, including myself. We had a period of a little less than an hour to play, and were only able to play through the game once. I was able to change the board and rules as we went, fixing various areas which broke the game. I also found that the game is easily broken with only three players, and hoped to have 5-7 players for the next playtest. My second playtest occured on Sunday, February 1, 2009 at 10-11pm, and was played with 5 people including myself. Both playtests, I played as a Bushmen character, allowing a tester to play as the government.