Design Update II

Over the past two weeks I have been mainly working on the Labyrinth of the Trickster (LoT) game, while The Botswana Bushmen was turned into my professor for my Design Patterns for game Design class.

At the moment, I am simply making a small demo of LoT for my World Mythology class, and so I am working as the designer, programmer, and artist. I am also planning on creating the full game starting during spring break. I will be Designing and Programming the final LoT game, my father has agreed to write and record the Music for the game, and last week I found a Concept Artist to illustrate the characters and items. I am not sure yet if he will be illustrating the labyrinth environment as well, or if I will find an Environment Artist to do so. Both the demo and final game is being programmed in Adventure Game Studio (AGS).

:: LoT Update ::

Over the past week I have put together a diagram of the labyrinth path I will be using, along with which room contain demon puzzles and which contain goddess puzzles. I have chosen to use the Mountain area to use for the demo. The first, entrance room is complete, with programming in place to lead the player to the next room, and correct pathing for walkable areas. I have also completed the illustration for the goddess Pele who presides over the mountainous quadrant. This week I will be working on completeing the remaining room illustrations, and getting them all into AGS. My milestone for the end of the weekend is to be able to walk a character through the full demo maze.

:: Small update about The Botswana Bushmen ::

I will be doing a playtest hopefully in class tomorrow, and will be working this week on getting all the cards and tolkens entered into the computer.