Design Update III

Design-wise, things have been a bit slow lately. SCAD’s Game Developers Expo (GDX) was this weekend, and I’ve been rushing around getting my site and resume all up to snuff, finding a print shop that was not out of ink, and printing a box full of business cards. Good news is, all is updated to the present point they should be at, and I will now be able to get back to working on my various projects.

Things have gotten a bit further ahead since I last posted, although most was worked on before these past few weeks of portfolio craziness.

The Botswana Bushmen boardgame is fully printed, and although I am still working on perfecting the rules and gameplay balancing, I have pretty much settled on the design for the board.This is a game which I definately want to complete to its proper GOLD state, and actually use the game for the purpose it was meant for, to teach. I will be talking to various organizations to use my game to help raise awareness about the issues faced by the Bushmen in Botswana, Africa.

The Labyrinth has entered a major research stage. I am currently concentrating on the various demon mythologies which will be used for each game. If you check out the development site for the game in the coming week, all the current information about the game will be up for anyone to check out and comment on. If anyone has more information on a specific mythology, maybe stories they were told as kids and such, I would love to hear it, even for mythological characters that will not be mentioned in the game as of yet (I am always looking for interesting characters to add to the collection).

I am also working on obtaining Multimedia Fusion, a point and click style programming engine, in order to create a playable Stitches game based on the original design. This is something which I have been wanted to do since the death of the original two prototypes (the first take in Flash, the second in Game Maker). As I do not have the knowledge to really program the game from scratch yet, I have been looking for a more accesible engine for me to use.

That is pretty much all the major updates that have been going on, and more shall be coming soon.