Project 2012

Susanna Harrison, Alicia Forrest, Tim Curry, John Thompson, Leana Galiel

Level Designer, Website Designer, Environment Researcher

Created a research document on each of the main Mayan cities, which aided in the game’s narrative and creation of the prototype level. Mapped out the game level used for the prototype. Designed the layout of the website used to promote the game. Aided in editing the design and puzzle documents.


  • The idea of a Non-violent game, playing the healer/protector instead of the fighter/aggressor
  • An uncommon location: Mayan Civilization, one of the few Mesoamerican civilizations who survived through the classic period and the Spanish conquest. Their descendants still live today in Mayan territory in southern Mexico and northern Central America.
  • 1 Player computer game
  • Developed in the Torque 2D Engine, using the ISO Adventure Kit
  • Prototype, website

Why not fight:
With MMO’s, players can choose from several different roles, and whether you are the warrior, the archer, the mage, or the healer, all are needed in a team. One of the most important, though I think overlooked roles, is the healer, the person who pretty much keeps the rest of the team alive. In one-player games, you don’t see that kind of role in a main character. Maybe you have a few small healing spells, or you use potions or food to heal, but it is always a fighter who is the hero of the story. There are very few games which are not centered on some kind of fighting mechanic, and those that aren’t are generally more abstract. Even in everyday life, people think of heroes as soldiers out on the field, movie/book/comic characters with superhuman powers, warriors. What about those who are constantly saving and protecting lives every day: doctors and nurses. With this project, we wanted to create a fully non-violent HERO.