Project: Gladius

Charles Elum, Cesar Perez, Leana Galiel

Level Designer, Lead Website Designer/Programmer, Item Designer, Narrative Editor

Edited the main narrative and character descriptions. Conceptualized designs for the various levels and items in the game. Mapped out three of the multi-floor levels in the game based on the narratives and concept art, and worked with the environment modeler to realize one of my level designs in 3D. Developed a small Flash-based website which would both promote the game itself, and show-off the work accomplished by our small team.


  • 2 player versus online fighting game
  • Multi-Level Terrain: Large environments with multiple levels allows for more strategy-based combat. Players will be able to jump, climb and crawl around the environments.
  • Environmental Spirit: Each level is connected to a specific character or characters, and will respond to its ‘owner’s’ spirit. Different traps and items may appear depending on if the owner is on the field, or one of their friends or foes.
  • Traps and Powered-Up: Various traps and items will be randomly dispersed throughout each level. These may hinder or help both players, and if used correctly, players can gain great advantages against their opponents.
  • Designed to be developed for the PC|PS3|Xbox360|Wii
  • Promotional website developed in Flash


The tournament of Project: Gladius takes place on the planet Gladia, which is inhabited by various different cultures. Many wish to be able to live together in peace,  however there are some that view war as the only option.

A man known only as Mogoul set up Project: Gladius on the premise of creating a field for those wishing for blood, though his true intentions are unknown. With the unique technology created for this event, the player will not only battle his or her opponent but will also be in a struggle with the world itself. Competitors must be wary of the spirit invoked in each environment dependent on the relationship one has with their challenger.

Whether one came for the fame and glory, or to win their freedom for themselves, there is allowed only one survivor. Will you become the next Champion of Gladia, or will you fall like the many who have come before.