The Most Dangerous Game


Susanna Harrison, Jimmy Barnett, Marty Wagner, Leana Galiel


Game Designer, Card Writer

Worked with the entire team to design and play test the game to a GOLD state. Wrote the narrative found on each of the cards in the player decks.


  • 4-7 Players
  • Theme: chase and survival
  • Based on Richard Connell’s short story “The Most Dangerous Game”
  • Gold


You find yourself on a deserted island. A roll of the die decides who among the players will start out as the Hunter, and places their character token in the Hunter’s Camp. The rest become the hunted and secretly mark their location on the mini maps provided. Starting blind, the Hunter must search for the Hunted. Every three turns the Hunted must reveal their location as of two turns before. If one of the Hunted is found and successfully captured, they become a Hunter and must search for the remaining Hunted players. Choose your path well, for different areas may be advantageous to you, or may be the cause of your downfall. The open plains will not be the safest to cross. Players receive points for any successful captures or escapes. Remain as the last hunted still uncaptured to recieve a bonus.