Time Swans

Leana Galiel, Susanna Harrison, Whitmore Benoit, Thomas Kastner

Game Designer

Worked with the entire team to design, develop, and play test the game into a finalized prototype stage.


  • 2-4 Players
  • Mechanic: tile placement
  • Theme: time travel
  • Final Prototype

Players compete as time-traveling swans in a race to reach two randomly chosen destinations and arrive back home first. To reach a destination, players must create wormholes using the 3 different types of wormhole tiles. Players must be careful however, as the competitors can also create black holes and other such hazards to prevent others from arriving at their destination.

What’s in a name:
For this project we were given the task to create a tile based game with the theme of Time Travel, using only a package of 100 index cards. We needed a few player pieces, so jokingly I quickly folded an index card into a Japanese origami crane, which another teammate said looked like a swan. Well, the swans idea stuck, hence the title Time Swans.